I Can’t Decide

Together or on their own – these two haikus say a lot about the way my mind works at times.

when I get some time
to untangle all those thoughts
I might not do it

it might be better
to let those thoughts untangle
on their own, themselves

(I went through a brief papier-mache phase about three years ago. I made this figure at that time and added a few details, such as the clay hands and face, that I had made for another project. The rest – the purple mesh originally used to wrap brussels sprouts, and the copper wire – were just here at home and seemed to fit in well.)

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide

  1. Thank you. I always have liked that mesh but what to do with it? Guess it was a good thing I just waited to see…and then had some on hand when I wanted it!

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