A Crowd If You’re Looking For It

Summer is a quiet time in my neighborhood. Or so I think? The school across the street is out for a couple of months, and people go on vacation, so traffic is lighter. Unless I look down, that is?

Rush Hour in My Neighborhood

We’ve met again and again this summer
as I head up the street
You own the sidewalk
you crowd of commuters
out here every morning
an endless stream of look-alikes
zigzagging, accelerating,
veering off with no notice
double-time quick
All in a great big hurry
to get to some anthill
and do some ant things
you’ve got somewhere important
to go to
and I don’t
and glad of it
Still, I’m getting the feeling,
I need to pick up the pace
all that single-mindedness
is working on me that way
as I try to step into traffic
not on to it

Artist Trading Card, 2012 Black Tree and Sun Acrylics/Collage

Artist Trading Card, 2012
Black Tree and Sun


8 thoughts on “A Crowd If You’re Looking For It

  1. Nice. In concept and in execution as they used to say in art school. I like your poetry. This one made me cry a little. My daughter goes off to college in a few weeks! I know you have been through that. Now, I am going to try working on my show (nonverbal) and working on a blog. I can see why you hinted at it maybe , just maybe being something. You didn’t say what. but we’ll sees how it goes. Always, Claudia, enjoy your stuff.

  2. Thank you so much for this, and your close attention to my work. My son has now been out of college for 4 years and yet that first day after he left is very clear still – I cried for about one hour of the three-hour drive home. Now of course he has been grown up and on his on for a while and I do really like the relationship we have now. You will adjust and so will your daughter and it will all go well. I feel sure of it!

  3. Thank you Claudia for the encouragement. I am worried about this transition. My daughter and I are very close.

    Yes, I pay close attention to your work. I think you are amazing, being able to do those Haikus. I know they are a lot of work, but they are so “right!” for lack of a better word.

  4. It will all turn out well (although I am sure it will not be bump-free). I think it takes a period of years to adjust to having an adult for your child, for both parties. My son and I were very close when he was young, in college less so, and now we are back to our old ways, but of course very diffferent, because he is adult now. It took some time to settle things out and I am sure we will go through this process again and again. But overall we want to stay together and that has kept us together. Time just changes how we do it.

    You and your daughter will do great. I know it.

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