It Happened at the Library

I went to the library a couple of days ago. When you read this haiku group, you will know what I encountered.

It is funny how such a very ordinary topic can bring up so many thoughts, isn’t it?

Clay Tile Happy insect with antenna 2011

Clay Tile
Happy insect with antenna

Haiku Group Black Fly

tired black fly buzzes
resigned to ending his days
in the vestibule

tired black fly buzzes
the sun slants through the window
taunts him with escape

tired black fly buzzes
as shut-tight windows taunt him
promising escape

tired black fly buzzes
at the closed and locked window
when the door opens

tired black fly buzzes
stubbornness gets him nowhere
with the closed window

tired black fly buzzes
hopeless strikes against the glass
teaching him nothing

tired black fly buzzes
in a ricochet pattern
and right out the door


3 thoughts on “It Happened at the Library

  1. I feel very sorry for flies when they get stuck like this – for some reason I empathize with that feeling of being trapped and yet not really understanding it! I’m the person who holds the door open for them (while people wonder what on earth I’m doing…)

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