One Morning

Yesterday I was in Lorimer Park, where I often walk or run. It was a cool misty morning. I took this picture of the view from one of the trails. I had chosen this route particularly so that I could set out one of my clay figurines (if you’re interested in that topic, here’s the post I did about it).

But the feeling of the place has stayed in my mind and it prompted these haikus.

Fox Chase Farm on a foggy morning.

Fox Chase Farm on a foggy morning.

Haiku Group Farm Field

Grasp hold of the wind
and run between the rain drops
as the path opens

The cows move as ghosts
through the fog, pass and vanish
in the opaque field

The crest of the hill
Stop to look stay still take in
the unending sky


9 thoughts on “One Morning

  1. I love your “cows as ghosts.” one. You are miraculously talented! (And a great walking place too) I still read through your train trip artist book that you sent me! And I love it! Hollis x

  2. Thank you. And it’s really nice to know that my zine is interesting enough to you to re-read! Thanks for telling me.

    I’ve been an avid reader all my life but writing for people to actually read is new to me. I am really enjoying it and I appreciate that you took the time to tell me you like my work.

  3. Thank you. Each one of these comes from a specific experience on the walk I took on that particular day. All fragments of memory, these haikus are, for me. Thank you for reading them.

  4. You the one who has done me the favor – taking the time to read it. You know how much it means to have your work seen and appreciated. So I’m the one thanking you, I think!

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