Weather Perspective

I spent some time in my husband’s office earlier this year – on the 21st floor in a city building. The experience led to the writing of several poems, and the idea of being on such a high floor figured in some of them. Remember, I usually spend my days at ground level or one floor above it, so Floor 21 was a different view of the world for me.

This poem was written on a rainy day and as I imagined I’d feel if this were my office and I came to work here every day. It seemed just right for today because, though I’m back at ground level, the rain is just pouring down.

We Have the Luxury of Our Position
Twenty-first floor. Up here
We’re not troubled by the four-o’clock rain
not the oily puddles
bus splashes
slippery street crossings
sodden papers stuck on the subway steps
Street-level, that’s all street level trouble.
We’re twenty-first floor. Up here
it’s scenery, rain is
scenery falling straight from the sky
drawing unsteady lines down our windows
splotching fancy patterns on the building across the street
Good company
for people doing paperwork
at the end of the day
the drops tapping gently on our windows
up here on the twenty-first floor.
We turn the lights a little brighter
and we say:
Oh, look –
It’s raining!

"Rainy Day Rush Hour". Collage, 11" x 14". I did this picture about 10 years ago, I think.

“Rainy Day Rush Hour”. Collage, 11″ x 14″. I did this picture about 10 years ago, I think.

6 thoughts on “Weather Perspective

  1. I love your collage work. It seems like a mix of primitive (intentionally so) and sophisticated. I like how the cars and the elements are scattered to the edge of the image. I like your poem about rain! Does your husband work in Philly? I am from there; I don’t know if you know that!

  2. Thank you! I have gone through a lot of phases with collage and the trend seems to be more and more free – less reality! I like it that way, seems to suit the way my mind works. Yes, I remember that you are from Philadelphia, but had forgotten it until you mentioned it. My husband’s office is at 1818 Market Street. Great location for just about everything. I worked for many years at Broad and Chestnut and at 5th and Market.

  3. I can visualize those areas very well! I lived at 9th and Pine for six years. Five story walk up at 150 dollars a month and that included utilities. I miss Philly sometimes. I really wish I could go back. You guys had a very hard winter!

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