There Is No Stain Remover Strong Enough?

A collage poem.

"Under the Surface"  on its page in my collage book.

“Under the Surface” on its page in my collage book.

Under the Surface

Look here, I could talk
about getting in trouble and
guess at how
how much trouble
I was not supposed
to mention
Everybody knows it
that was what
You told me
Everybody knows it.
But I saw
a few minutes
all night
And tomorrow
and day after tomorrow
a layer of mud
could Not be
followed by clean.
because everybody knew.


10 thoughts on “There Is No Stain Remover Strong Enough?

  1. Thank you. Now, you know, I don’t know about the title, but we are not always aware of the influences on us, are we? So I wouldn’t be surprised!

    I am glad to be seeing your work again.

  2. There is something about doing these collage poems that is different than just writing down thoughts that come from my head on their own. Sometimes I vist themes I think I may not have otherwise thought of. This poem is one of them. I do like how it worked out.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!

  3. I suspect the mixed media work would be very therapeutic, indeed–as well as a fine creative endeavor. If I had the funds, materials, space–I would probably jump at the chance to follow your lead. As it is, I will derive benefit from reading/seeing yours–for which I’m most grateful.

  4. Thank you. But don’t give up the idea – I use discarded books from the library for the poetry, so they are free (and I can feel good about giving them one more chance to do something even if it involves being cut apart!), and glue, and scissors. Mostly, the cost is in time and in mental space, I think.

  5. Thanks Claudia. I get a kick out of the camaraderie and the writing and the enjoyment of my life and the craziness.The work will have to evolve. I’m still not up to where I can do artwork yet. The time will come. Thanks!

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