Everyday Ordinary

Paint is peeling, just the tiniest bit, on the ceiling in this room. For some reason I found that very interesting, enough so to write this haiku group.

A flake of white paint
peeling away from the wall
in a slow good-bye

A conclusion reached,
the flake of white paint cracks, lifts,
and decides to peel

Paint flakes from the wall,
saying a quiet good-bye
to its long-time home


8 thoughts on “Everyday Ordinary

  1. How wonderful to have found another poet who can make a gift of the most mundane things–my fave is the first one, though I also love the 3rd; and the notion of paint thinking and deciding is delightfully entertaining!

  2. I think everyday life is fascinating and it’s full of interest to me, every little thing that happens. I have always felt lucky about this, because it means I never get bored or find too many things that tedious! Thank you for reading my work, I appreciate it.

  3. I have, since childhood, ascribed thoughts and feelings to all kinds of inanimate objects, and I can get too involved in it sometimes (feeling sorry for an ugly chair, let’s say). But on the other hand, life is a lot more interesting this way, I think…

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