pansies on the porch

pansies on the porch

I love pansies. And it’s their time of year right now.

Here are two poems. I wrote them one after another. Seemed as if they should be together, but not one poem.

And I’d like to thank my friend Diane for setting me on this train of thought.

Plenty Tough

Who’s going to make fun
of the purple pansies
in their terra-cotta pot
on the concrete porch
petals blown every which way
whipped about
by the blunt spring wind
like a little girl’s skirt
a little girl with cold knees
but still smiling
in the clean hard sunshine?

Tiny Bright Thought

If you can spare a glance
for the yellow pansies
in their tiny pot
their petals snapping
like the bright patterned scarf
on your head
not much good against the wind
but doesn’t have to be
if you’re still smiling
as you run up the steps
of the cold concrete porch
and can spare a glance
for the yellow pansies?


12 thoughts on “Pansies

  1. Hi Claudia- pansies are one of my favorite flowers. They grow very well in desert heat where I live. Each poem is like mini short story, thanks for sharing. – Sharon

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