In the Office Again

I spent last Friday at my husband’s office. I sat in a cubicle like a lot of other people – it’s a nice open office with big windows. Maybe it was because it was a Friday, but everyone was very chatty. Here are some haikus on a few of the non-work topics that floated past my ears. Let’s call the whole group “Overheard”?

Plane reservations
taking longer to acquire
than the flight itself

At Easter dinner
prayers not necessary
though ham is required.

In your change from lunch
a ninety-five-year-old coin
worn smooth, still of use

What the doctor thinks
would still be a mystery
if you didn’t ask

Colleagues from years past
resurrected for today
in conversation

Can any person
while not meaning to listen
resist temptation?


5 thoughts on “In the Office Again

  1. I meant to say also, that I can’t resist the temptation to eavesdrop…I hope I never hear anything dangerous, or I may wind up on one of those true-crime shows I’m so fond of!

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