April Thoughts

Mondauk Photo 4-14

I walked on the trail in a local park yesterday. It’s a one-mile loop. Along the way there was a lot to see and think about.

Two haikus:

With a sudden cry,
not knowing why, but knowing,
the bird flees the bush

Those clouds blowing in
foretell the afternoon rain
to those who listen


6 thoughts on “April Thoughts

  1. Beautiful, and how nice that you have a good place to walk. I’m trying–half-heartedly, I confess–to get motivated to walk again–but the neighborhood is not very conducive.

  2. What a wonderful compliment you have paid me. That they seem effortless! As I think about it, usually there is a quick impression or feeling I have, and one line will come to mind. The others usually I have to untangle from inside my head, it seems, but then, all of a sudden, the right words come. I really enjoy the process and how inspiration can strike anywhere.

  3. We are very lucky to have a lot of good parks and trails around, as well as pleasant neighborhood walks. I walk a lot and it’s very good for all kinds of thinking!

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