Flow and Ebb

Today I had an appointment, and I stopped at my grocery store afterwards to eat lunch. I had time to sit and I also needed to take the time to sit, if you know what I mean! As I ate lunch, I watched all the other people going about their grocery store business – a series of little portraits in real life all moving around me. Seemed like a good time for some haiku-writing. So I did, and here are the results.

Grocery Store Haiku Group

Glass bottles of tea
temporary companions
lined up on the shelf

Hands moving gently
the lady wearing glasses
chooses the pink blooms

She pinches the pears
squinting through her thick glasses
and then walks away

Hanging on the rack
the bananas are all green
to ripen at home

Three women talking
stand in front of the old man
reaching for apples

A picky shopper,
this lady is, five minutes
for two potatoes

A pile of mangoes
and she only chooses two.
Why not a few more?

What is the reason
the man in the blue sweater
buys those red peppers?

Surveyed, chosen, wrapped,
handed over the counter:
tonight’s fish dinner


11 thoughts on “Flow and Ebb

  1. Thank you. The grocery store has always been a favorite place of mine. People, the arrangement of products and food, it never gets boring. Sounds kind of odd, I guess, but there is so much in the everyday to look at, and the grocery is very “everyday”!

  2. Thank you. It just seemed like the right time to put down in words what I was seeing. I didn’t have any paper, even – I used the bag they gave me for my food!

  3. Doing the actual shopping myself, for myself can get boring. Watching other people agonizing (the woman with the two potatoes made me smile) is sheer entertainment.

  4. I LOVE this–and number 6 made me laugh so hard, because I remember standing in front of the potatoes so long that my friend, the meat dept manager, asked if I was meditating!!

  5. Thank you. I did not think of meditation, but now that you say it, I do think people seem to fall into thought at the store and maybe only seem to be staring at the cereal? Or something about the cereal sends them off? I like the thought of this!

  6. It’s alright till someone catches you, then it’s embarrassing! A lot of people say they “hate” grocery shopping, but I find my grocery store a very comforting place to be–so maybe that’s why I “zone out” there…and it’s the one place I can justify spending money, one has to eat!

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