Winter Orientation

It has been some time since I last posted any works. We had a severe ice storm last week, and our power was out for 5 days – for three of them we stayed at home in sub-freezing temperatures, and then we gave up and took ourselves and the three cats to a hotel.

I also learned that I will need surgery again on my hand due to an ongoing condition. It was scheduled for tomorrow, but another snowstorm has caused it to be pushed to next week.

So I have to be flexible.

For today, we have quite a bit of snow on the ground from the storm – maybe a foot or so. Some shoveling will be done later. One thing I like about a big snowstorm is how it changes how I travel around my neighborhood. That’s where I got the idea for this poem.


Snow Choice

Snow-covered sidewalk
shoveled to a narrow chute
twisting up and over the hill
channels your unsteady footsteps
decides where you ought to go
not you

Snow and Valentine's Day seem to go together in my mind.

Snow and Valentine’s Day seem to go together in my mind.


4 thoughts on “Winter Orientation

  1. Thank you, I am hoping my hand and etc. will heal faster than last time and this time will get the problem resolved. I had just done a whole lot of clay and have shelves full of greenware! My husband will help me bisque fire them but I will have to wait on glazing…

    Your mug is still making me laugh!

    And yes, we are warm now. Very thankful for that!

    And thanks for your good wishes.

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