Night Thoughts

I like nighttime, I like the enclosed feeling of falling asleep, I like the thought of quiet hours passing.


The hands of the clock
struggle against the hours
trip over the minutes
The lighted dial
reveals every second of their exertions
and is not their friend
The night advances in jerks
every segment has to be accounted for
those hands
working so hard
all night
Seems too bad
because I don’t wake up for anything
unless maybe a truck shifts gears
coming up the hill below the house
and maybe then I might
might take a look at the hands of the clock
the ones trudging up and around all night long
the ones hoping I might think to ask
what time it is
and pay attention to the answer

"Moonlit Cityscape" Linoleum Block Print

“Moonlit Cityscape”
Linoleum Block Print

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