If I Were a Bird Flying Over

A collage poem.

When I am working on collage poetry, I so enjoy the process of searching for words literally made tangible in front of me. The words lead my thoughts and I uncover ideas I didn’t know were there.

Why Ask small

Why Ask?

I was thinking about
that the sky could see
watching earth,
There is much to tell
thankfulness before it’s too late
but to think
I want A good explanation
and But why for what reason
Perhaps incomprehension
is a busy place
piled high with satisfaction.
The expression
of a blessing in disguise

7 thoughts on “If I Were a Bird Flying Over

  1. Thank you. I love the process of creating them and also I like having them all together in the collage poem book. The tangible nature of the writing and book really appeals to me and seems to help me think.

  2. I like that! A collage poem. I’ve always wanted to make a pretty collage stationery with box prints similar to this. Now you’ve inspired me. Although writing poems, I don’t have the talent to do.

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