A Nasty Tempered Turn of Events

Snow Landscape

If our recent weather were a person, we’d be shaking our heads and saying, “Out of control. Just totally out of control.” And thinking about an intervention, maybe. But the weather is not to be reasoned with, is it?

In a Bad Mood

Ice coats the front porch
It’s ankle-breaking weather
Freezing rain my eye
It’s ice. Coming right out of the sky
landing on our porch in a solid sheet
Out for vengeance
and in a hurry
to get in some good work
Get away from that door
temperatures are predicted to rise this afternoon
You could be in the hospital by then
a great big cast on your leg
if you don’t cower inside
like it wants you to do.
then don’t expect me to drive you
to the emergency room
it’s ice


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