Pine Tree and Snow

"More Snow is Coming" - Fabric Collage

“More Snow is Coming” – Fabric Collage

We have a large pine tree in our back yard. I have been watching it these last few days as it copes with the snow and the wind.

Here are five haikus. Once again, one led to another, as you’ve seen me do before. They are arranged in the order I wrote them.

I like working in this way. Very contemplative and calming to hold an image in your mind for a while and see it from different perspectives.

Wind flicks its fingers
casts off the pine tree’s snow scarf
flings it to the ground

Wind asks the question
twitching the pine tree’s snow scarf
Can you resist me?

Shrugging at the wind
pine tree flings up a white cloud
sheds its coat of snow

Pine tree turns its back,
shrugs in the wind, bends, concedes
sheds its coat of snow

The pine tree slips off
the sleeves of its coat of snow
hands it to the wind


6 thoughts on “Pine Tree and Snow

  1. You work very well with the shorter pieces. The pine tree comes alive and so does the wind. each haiku is different, though maintains the theme and even a line or two similar to the other parts. A nice collection for sure. Thanks and happy holidays 😉

  2. Thanks. I like working this way. One idea leads to another. Something good comes out of it – something written, and also the time spent doing it is focusing and peaceful to me.

    Happy holidays to you to and a great start to 2014!

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