I think this haiku expresses how I’ve come to make every single piece of artwork or writing that I’ve ever done. I marvel at the continual stream of creativity that seems to flow no matter what, wherever it comes from. I don’t ask why, and I don’t take credit for it – I’m just grateful that it does, as my artwork and writing give me so much pleasure.

What an idea!
And all I did was catch it
Right out of the air!

"Thinking of Nothing" Collage - painted papers

“Thinking of Nothing”
Collage – painted papers


6 thoughts on “Gift

  1. Thank you. I made this collage some time ago – I passed a house on walks around my neighborhood with a beautiful tangled garden, flowers, bushes, all mixed together, and a bench along the street. Seemed like a perfect spot to sit and think. I wanted to record the way I felt about the spot so I did this piece and added a person on the bench. The scene is the same years later. Still a place to sit and think.

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