Fog, Winter, School, Rain

Leaf and water droplets

Leaf and water droplets

Here is a series of haikus I wrote, inspired by our recent weather (rainy, unseasonably warm); the abandoned school a block from us, awaiting demolition; and just how winter makes me feel on days like these.

The abandoned school
One forgotten light streams out
across the dark yard

The abandoned school
Windows misted. One light burns
muted by the fog

Wet street, dark morning
Shadowy cars pick their way
through the winter fog

The secretive fog
blurs the street, reveals the man
and vanishes him


4 thoughts on “Fog, Winter, School, Rain

  1. Thank you. I think this last one is the one I felt the most personally. I love to watch the kids going to school or people walking along the sidewalk in the fog as they appear and disappear. Quite suddenly and abruptly. Here and gone. Something about that I like.

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