Winter is Really Here Now

I wrote this poem a very long time ago. So many things I wrote in the past I threw away, but I kept this one.

"Winter Walk" mixed media

“Winter Walk”
mixed media

I Don’t Have the Words to Tell You

I don’t have the words to tell you –
I wish I did –
How it is to walk along this street
this gusty December day –
I don’t know how to make you feel
the wind that stings my pale cheeks red,
skitters the brittle left-behind leaves
all up and down the road
crams them into the dried-up hedge
and rips them out again –
I don’t know what I can say
to get you to hear
the wind’s loud growling voice
the way I hear it, rising, pausing,
returning strong as a slap –
I wish that I could tell you
how it feels to think
that any minute, at any time
I might be snatched by the air myself
and whirled and turned and tumbled
losing my hat, my shoes,
my dull-walk-along-the-street
rule-abiding self
dropped right down again
and who knows where
tangled in the dead thorn bush
behind the old garage
Five towns over
In the next county
Nowhere near
anywhere I know?
I don’t have the words to tell you
I wish I did
Never mind. Get out your coat
Just come with me, instead
You’ll see.


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