Lost and Found and Returned

I’ve been trying to keep track of what poems I’ve posted and I set up a spreadsheet to keep me straight. One poem, however, looks like it escaped the bureaucracy. Or maybe it didn’t. I have a copy of it written down, and I know it was a collage poem, since I remember working on it. I think I must have sent it out as mail art, since it’s not in my collage book.

And then there is the mystery of the title. It is the same as a collage I did some time ago – I still have its image. I wonder if I cut up the collage and put the poem on it to send as mail art? I did do a clean-out of old works some time ago and this piece could have been one of them.

"The Red Moon Said No"

“The Red Moon Said No”

Or, I could have given or sold or donated the collage intact, and just used the title for this poem, too. Less likely, I think, than the other ideas, since I have always connected the art and the poem on the same piece, if they have the same title.

Well, it’s a mystery. I am attempting to make amends both to the poem and to the artwork. However and in whatever form they may be in at the moment, I’ve got them back together here.

The Red Moon Said No

For the first time
she was heard everywhere:
a very old old woman,
She smiled as brightly as before
then with
a shrug, a turn of the head,
insisted on advance appointments.

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