My favorite books of all time are the Nancy Drew mystery stories. There’s no more to say about it than that for me – there is no other set of books that has stayed with me as those have.

Nancy never backed away from a question or a clue. I will say that sometimes it might have been better to do so, though.

Mail art postcard "Nancy Drew I'm Not"

Mail art postcard
“Nancy Drew I’m Not”

Nancy Drew I’m Not

had a suspicion what had happened,
What did it signify?
to see, yet nothing like I know
I had been offered mystery
But I did not
want to uncover the truth.
I never thought you could.


5 thoughts on “Sleuth

  1. You know my favorite Nancy Drew thing I always think about even to this day? When she thinks she will not go to sleep and will be staring into the darkness (of course solving mysteries) and YET, she falls asleep right away? So silly of me to think of that part of ALL Nancy did, but I agree with you: They are still my favorite series. Even though I don’t read them anymore! 🙂

  2. Every so often I go through my favorites again. I have the versions as they were originally written – not the revised ones – and in addition to my enjoying Nancy and her doings so much, it’s like a bit of time travel to read them.

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