Turn and Walk Away, Quickly

Sometimes feeling helpless to act or to make a difference leads to painful decisions. It may be essential to look the other way. Or it may be essential to take the chance, no matter what. The problem is that it can be hard to know exactly how unable to intervene you may actually be, what the risks really are, if you could have stepped in… and then again, it may not. Or so you think.

"Suffer a Coward" on its page in my collage poetry book.

“Suffer a Coward” on its page in my collage poetry book.

Suffer a Coward

I am no judge
I am not heartless,
that door was securely locked before the
flash of lightning
suddenly illuminated
The scarcely comprehensible intent
for as the martyrs by their stakes
stood waiting to die early
I would have risked the chance that
a crowd of laughing and inquisitive
bishops and archdeacons
would be tidying up the prisoners
becoming quite hard to please,
considering collecting
An addition
I must have nothing to do with it.


5 thoughts on “Turn and Walk Away, Quickly

  1. It is funny how advice and answers seem to come out of nowhere right when they are most needed. Or if we are paying attention? Glad to be of help, if this was…

    And I hope you like the zine, I’ll be interested to hear.

    I continue to enjoy your work.

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