November Scenes

"Businessman" Collage/Acrylics


Trees shedding late leaves,
bald at their crowns, like old men
in their last autumns

I wrote this haiku because I have a view of treetops from my window at my desk. It’s getting later in the fall now and leaves fly away in the slightest breeze. Soon all the branches will be bare. The clouds and the sky will claim more attention then.

This collage was done several years ago and depicts a man going home after work – heading to the train station on Market Street in Philadelphia on a November evening. It is a good feeling to have completed a day’s work and to be going home. It’s a different commute in autumn than in the summer – there is something about pulling on a coat to go outside that draws a line under the day.

Two scenes among all the ones that November has to offer?


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