Autumn Thoughts

"November Birthday" mixed media

“November Birthday”
mixed media

When November comes
I will be a year older.
My leaves are falling.

My birthday is in November, and unless I live to be more than one hundred years old, I have passed the midpoint of my life some time ago. It feels to me more and more at this time of year as if they are in alignment, my life and the season. I stop and reflect on things in the autumn. I’ve always loved the fall and I don’t mind winter. I think about acorns falling as well as leaves when I read this haiku.


11 thoughts on “Autumn Thoughts

  1. I have always thought the trees might be happy to be shed of their leaves after the months of having so many of them – freeing their shape to be seen. The whole process of getting older seems to be this for me. There is a time for green leaves, gold leaves, no leaves, isn’t there? Some regret for what is gone but some anticipation of a new state? Trees have always seemed to be a visible sign of time passing.

  2. Autumn is such a nice time to go inside again, looking inwards. Time for reflection. Leaves have to fall to give space for new leaves in spring. A magic circle. This post speaks to me, very much. I wish you a happy birthday! (or why not make it a birth month?)

  3. IN autumn, trees remove the magnesium from the chlorophyll and move it into the stem or root for next year. They concentrate. They keep all the good stuff. Then they shed what has become unnecassary.

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