Knitting, Thinking, Not Thinking

I like to knit. For almost fifty years, I have knitted. It’s a source of peace and relaxation for me.

I started to work on some haikus about knitting, just thinking out loud on paper, I guess. And instead of revising and erasing, I just continued with a new phrase or thought as it occurred. This is the order in which I wrote these. I like them all together, although they are perfectly good on their own, too, I think.

I didn’t think too much about what I was doing. Just wrote it all down.

The Lighted Window

The lighted window
deep in the dark night. Head bowed,
the woman, knitting.

The lighted window.
The dark night. The quiet house.
The woman knitting.

Deep in the dark night
one lighted window. Head bowed
the tired woman knits.

One lighted window
in the house. A woman knits
in a silent room.

Small stitches add up
row by row. The woman knits
night into a shape

Casting on, counting:
a finger pushing stitches
along the needle

The thread of her thoughts
matches the pace of the yarn
along the needles.

Lady and her cat playing with a yarn ball

Lady and her cat playing with a yarn ball


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