Therapy Session

When I’m a little out-of-sorts, a good cleaning session brings me right back to normal. I find it soothing and relaxing to put things in order. This poem may illustrate this tendency with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek air, but really – straightening things up is my therapy. It is cheap and readily available any time!


After breakfast I realize
I’m feeling a bit low today
not sure why
I straighten the hall closet
organize the snow boots
wash the dishes
pick up the newspapers

Still don’t want to sing like a bird —
So I mop the kitchen floor
wax the upstairs hall
shake out the rugs.

Not yet my usual self
I bleach the shirts
press the tablecloth
sort out my recipe file.

After lunch
despite the agreeable nature
of all these tasks
a bit more brightening is needed:
The answer is to reorganize my desk
Discarding old notes to myself
some more than two years old
there’s a bit of spice to this job
I do wonder
why I wanted
to remember
to pick up the cleaning
so badly
that I underlined it twice?
why did I save the note?
I devote some thinking
to these mysteries
but come to no conclusions.

the therapy is working —
I sense a lightening of my mood.
That’s my cue to mow the grass
sweep out the garage
trim the hedge.
Reminder: I need a new broom.

Who wouldn’t be smiling by now?
I certainly am.
It’s a pleasure to be me.


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