Bad and Bad

Sometimes I wonder what makes these collage poems come to mind – as I sift the phrases and words around, certain ones seem to come together, and I’m not sure why. I guess it’s a visible version of the process that happens while I am thinking? Thoughts and words pushing each other out of the way? There must be so many ideas that aren’t strong enough to get attention and I never know of them, maybe.

Enough philosophizing on the nature of thought. I know where this poem came from. I read a lot of crime fiction and I’ve been intrigued by some stories I’ve read where the protagonist takes a bad course and figures all is lost anyway, now, so why not keep on going? There is a sense of freedom in these characters’ thinking, all boundaries pushed aside, despite the context. Interesting to read about.

Too Bad small

Too Bad

I remembered my life,
Up till then
I’ve been worthy of love.
after that, I believe,
there was no use to hold on
to worrying
Oh well!


3 thoughts on “Bad and Bad

  1. I noticed you have decided to follow me! The message was caught in the spam section of my computer. I am sorry I did not respond earlier if you told me earlier. Anyway it is all straightened out now.

    I love your work! I love the mix of figurative and abstract! That’s what I do. And we both work with squares also. Thanks for following me. I am glad we connected! I especially like those pieces where you took an abstract and made it slightly figurative. Very impressive.

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