I realize I have written a couple of poems on this theme in the last few months. Here’s one; I’ll put the other one out pretty soon. I like the feeling of slipping through the world unnoticed and free to go along as I like.

Lay It Down

The path doesn’t care about my footsteps
Slow shuffle, quick taps, it’s all the same
The vine is twined around the tree
the boundary fence is sagging
the weedy garden
is full of foxgloves
fighting it out with seven-minute itch
They don’t wonder where I’m going
The wide shallow creek
full of skinny little fish
doesn’t know I’m here
The heavy hot air
is busy
streaming condensation up into the sky
The sun glares out
from a billion miles away
So here I go, crunching gravel as I step
or maybe the gravel
just decides to speak
A bird calls from in the woods
Not to me
I make my way through it all
and it’s all so soothingly indifferent to me

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