Serious Work

Business Meeting

Two men
Shortly after lunch,
Not angry.
no reason to threaten
foolish after so much
It was not safe
The afternoon departure
will these two men
come out of it alive?

"Business Meeeting" mail art collage poem

“Business Meeeting”
mail art
collage poem


2 thoughts on “Serious Work

  1. Love this one! I often wonder why there is so little art and literature about office/business life? There are lots of “tension” areas, lots of attitudes, movements, struggles, humour, dreams (fullfilled or crashed), misunderstandings and you-name-it to observe in any office, so much human material.

  2. Thank you. I agree – I worked in an office for 13 years. Every day was enormously interesting and intricate with all the things that were happening, multiplied by all the people involved. It’s a fascinating “fishbowl” – people forced into a relationship that often lasts for years just because of where their desks are, for one thing. I’ve always been very interested in workplaces in the movies and TV for this reason, as well as I really enjoy looking at how the offices actually look. I could go on and on about this topic – it’s full of material, you are right, and very relevant to pretty much everyone!

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