Late Night

I’m a big fan of old movies, black and white, suspenseful. The kind that include a scene with a window wide open at night, looking out onto a terrace or seaview, possibly raining or even in the middle of a storm, or else with moonlight spilling through – and filmy white curtains blowing into the room. You know something is going to happen.


the noise of the wind
peeled off
a question mark
into the air
All that was left were the
the sounds of Night
as darkness fell
darkness, and then

"Mocked" Mail art

Mail art


2 thoughts on “Late Night

  1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me. I am glad you liked it!

    These collage poems send me in directions I might not have gone without the prompting of the materials. A lot of serendipity in it. I like it and I like writing this way.

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