Inside the Little Books

I made some little books out of scraps and then I filled their pages with words. So, here are the words! I had a nice time making all this up. No need to be too elaborate. They are just little books. Take a look – they’re quick to read.

They will be going out as mail art very soon.

I’ll certainly try something like this again.
little books with poems 7-13

1.Why Did You Ask Me If You Really Wanted to Know?
A little bird told me
Turn right at the next street
Go under the railroad tracks
Then make a left to the bridge.
Talk to the troll there
And see if he knows anything
About what you were asking
Which I forgot what it was.
No matter. Follow these directions
And you’ll have no difficulty
Either you’ll get where you’re going
Or you’ll be hopelessly lost.

2. Said
The cat said
The wasp said
The dog said
The mouse said
The snake said
The worm said
The chipmunk said
The fox said
The deer said
The groundhog said
I forgot what they said.

3. Right Here At Home
The rain was falling
The broom was sweeping
The house was cold
The chipmunk weeping.
The pen was writing
The car was sputtering
The cat was clawing
The dad was puttering.
The sink was full of dishes
The lake was full of fishes
The well was full of wishes
And isn’t that enough?

4. Our Little Town
A glass of cold water
Spilled on the floor
The boy let the wasp in
Through the screen door
The party was lifeless
And the host was a bore
The duffer swung hard
And forgot to yell fore
Our mother was sneezing
Her way through the store
The tales at the campfire
Were splattered with gore
The cat stretched its legs
And let out a snore
Tin can cut my foot
As I walked on the shore
Not a cloud in the sky
So how could it pour
The dress was not pretty
But it’s what she wore
It seems very possible
That there could be more
But all things must end
And then there’s no more.


2 thoughts on “Inside the Little Books

  1. Thanks! I don’t know what gave me the idea to make little books but I started doing it and I might not be able to stop. I was thinking of sending one to you, now I’m certain to do it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought, and Happy Monday!

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