Neighborhood Walk

Kind of a meandering poem, but that’s what my experience was this day, too.

Dividends Paid on May 30th

My feet know the way to the post office
after twenty years in this neighborhood
and they can walk me there on their own
This time they decide to cut across the park
down the slope past the community garden
looking uniformly fresh and hopeful
this early in the year
when I know that later on
there will be a class division between
those plots let go into tangled confusion
and those maintained in disciplined order
and both of them will look good to me
but I think there is a tension
among the gardeners
over this situation
Never mind. The sun is hot
and the park deserted now
except for a group of geese
parents and children
further down the hill.
One gives me quite a look from
a tiny black glittery eye
but says nothing
as I cross through
The ground still so wet from the recent rain
my feet sink in, but they keep right on going
squelching my way to the pond
it’s not a wild little pond
but ornamental, tame, in fact
kids ice skate on it in the winter,
enclosed in concrete, spray fountain in the middle,
nice wide edge easy to walk along
Used to be the focus
of someone’s quite large front yard
Lucky for us, when times changed
we got a park
instead of townhouses
as was proposed
when the land was sold. Someone was generous
and thought ahead
so that now I can follow
the harsh voice of a single frog
my feet taking me around the water
and watch him do the breaststroke in a zigzag path
before he disappears under the surface.


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