Undecided and Rightly So

Mail art postcard and collage poem – As I look at it I wonder why I crammed the words against the edge of the space. It’s as if they are trying to back right off the page. Maybe it reflects the content of the poem?

Small and Frightened

It must be thought
it might be said
your eyes had been
such twice angry
And so, I’ll trust you If
I’ll want you to look below
What We must Not see.
Maybe – and I stare
sorry to the eyes

Mail art postcard "Small and Frightened"

Mail art postcard
“Small and Frightened”


2 thoughts on “Undecided and Rightly So

  1. There is a lot in these few lines. I like how you have used the capitalization and line breaks here, so that they are not always in alignment, thus allowing for different ways of reading certain lines.

  2. Thank you for telling me this. I continually find creating poems in this manner to be so liberating for exactly this reason – the material is not so straightforward, always, and kind of ambiguous. Or at least my mind seems to work this way when I’m doing collage poetry. The poems make sense, but a different kind of sense. And more than one layer, too. I find this process fascinating to do and I am glad that you feel it as a reader.

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