Let’s Talk

Clay figurines 2012

Clay figurines

My Contribution

I have nothing new to say
and I’m the first to admit it
but I do so like to chat.

There’s no subject I won’t attempt
when faced with the challenge
of a pair of ears
in need of some stimulation
including my own
Turnip greens
Silver polish
Manta rays
I am fully confident
That in every situation
I can make something
of the smallest shred of nothing
as long as someone
wants to play the conversational game

All I have to do is
open my mouth, breathe in,
and emit coherent sounds
in ordinary grammar
with a little bit of sense to it
then shut up
until my next cue

Yes, I know
I have nothing new to say
but I’m pleasant
and sincerely interested
It does help to live in a small town
with not much else to do.


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