Hiring Process

Interview for a New Weather God

All you people
That higher-up job-seeker shouted
Here’s an idea.
Look out the window
Step out the door
I can give you
the sun drying laundry on the line in two minutes flat
the wind blowing birds out of the sky
the snow obliterating the mailbox with the letters trapped inside
the sleet tapping out messages on your eyeglasses
the hail punching holes in the sidewalk
the heat crisping leaves on the trees as you watch
the rain hosing down the highway.
crowd approval was low.
Too dramatic, they said.
Something less aggressive, please
or we’ll interview someone else
for the job.
You have your nerve
all you people there
that higher-up job-seeker shouted
quite put out, now
why bother with the weather at all, then,
if what you want is
insipid blue sky
you’ll have to take what I give you
The people squinted up
into the aforementioned blue sky
the preferred option
of all the focus groups
and drifted away.
they said.
But first we have to hire you.

Here is some weather-related artwork I’ve done over the years…


4 thoughts on “Hiring Process

  1. Wonderful skills you have, to be able to write such a fantastic text and also build up these collage images, I love them all! Now, perhaps Green Twilight is my favourite, or… Out there alone, or… I really don’t know!These are all images to dwell in for a long time, there is so much to discover in them.

  2. Thank you so much for such lovely comments. I have been doing collage for some time now and been through several different styles. And then circle back and re-visit them. As time passes I am more and more grateful I stumbled into this medium. There is always a new challenge! Thank you again, you encourage me.

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