This Garden

The garden is on its way for this year. We have planted some squash and gourds already. I’m a little late, but the weather has not been good for gardening. I hope to get out today and plant sunflowers.

Here is a poem I wrote about the way I garden now. It’s from last year, but I plan to keep right on working this way. I loved the results.

This Summer’s Garden

That garden out here in the back yard
isn’t like last year’s garden
the one where I had the dirt scraped clean
tomato plants squeezed tight
upright against their poles
green peppers spaced
exactly right for proper growth
And then I lost interest, got tired, job problems, sadnesses,
let it slide into disorder

New times now
this year never from the start
did I have any intention
of managing that garden
Plants, I said, here is your place to grow or not
Do what you want.
I put flowers
where the squash plants were last year
They grew.
I didn’t plant any squash
but squash came up
volunteers from the fruits
I left to rot last year
I didn’t deserve them but I got them
so we eat them and enjoy them

This afternoon I made a trip
out here to that garden.
Hung over the fence to look
Squash vines snaking through the ankle high grass
Waist high zinnias tangled together purple and red
Tomato plants twined through with morning glories
A shy little squash fruit
right near the gate
just showing itself
out from under a mildewed leaf
Big as day if you had eyes in your head
but I went inside the fence
and couldn’t find it
Well, I’ll look again tomorrow

This Tangled Garden Suits Me mixed media 12" x 12" 2013

This Tangled Garden Suits Me
mixed media 12″ x 12″


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