Was There Anything There?

A collage poem.

A Stupid Muddle

The translation
blankness reassembled
and after asking
startled. Nobody asks
if there are problems
people couldn’t say
any of them
one way or another –
That what was
should have been
yes or no.

"A Stupid Muddle" on its page in my collage book.

“A Stupid Muddle” on its page in my collage book.

4 thoughts on “Was There Anything There?

  1. I like this Claudia. think the body reflects the title well. If there is meaning it is elusive, ambiguous and shifts depending on emphasis. Is there a conscious link to the background?

  2. Thanks for your comment and taking the time. I like doing these collage poems because of what you said – they seem often to be more ambiguous than the ones that come out of my head (I tend to be very logical in my writing, in contrast to my artwork, where I don’t ever seem to have a clue where I am going until I end up there). I think this is why I really love doing poetry this way.

    Translation is almost impossible, I think – the outlines can be formed but the individual languages have their own worlds and translation breaks that link, I think. And not just in translating words but also anything else that needs to be translated – there is always confusion and loss, I think. This poem just kind of fell into place when I saw the word itself – all the other words just seemed to go right into place. Interesting process for me, I enjoyed this one.

    Thanks again.

    The background was just serendipity. I paint the pages in the book ahead of putting something on them so that when I do feel like a poetry session there is a place all ready to paste them. So it’s a random thing what poem gets what page.

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