I recently was called for jury duty, was chosen for a civil trial, and was waiting with my fellow jurors before the start of the trial when we got word the parties had settled. We had a slight bit of information about what the dispute was but did not find out anything more since we never heard any testimony. So I don’t know if everyone was satisfied or not. I came across this haiku that I had written some time ago, and it expressed what may have happened. I feel that no matter what, one person was probably disappointed. Or maybe both?

The bargain is struck.
One man smiles; the other must
Make the best of it.


7 thoughts on “Decision

  1. Your post made me think of the film ‘The Runaway Jury’ for some strange reason. I pictured you on the run! I enjoyed your haiku.When two or more parties are involved someone always ends up being disappointed while others come out better off. I agree and can be related to numerous situations in life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Since we never got to hear the actual story, for me there are all kinds of possibilities as to the outcome and the relationships, and I thought a lot about it (although of course the two sides know how they feel since they know the actual situation and result!). More happened in my mind than in the courtroom. I’m still thinking about the experience.

    I’ll have to check out that film, I don’t know it. The only running we actually did was right out the courthouse door when the judge told us they had settled!

  3. Sometimes being on a jury can be very emotional and time consuming. So perhaps having it settled was good for you. I guess now all you can do is imagine what happened, and I’m certain it was very boring and a lot of paperwork involved. I can imagine a lot more drama.

  4. I can imagine you were curious about the trial that didn’t happen, but trials can be so very boring and turn out in accord with the law but not with what you may think is fair or reasonable. Be happy you weren’t one of the dissatisfied participants!

  5. Yes, I did think of that, seeing the plaintiff and defendent both so obviously upset. And also we were cautioned by the judge about that very thing, law vs. justice. I am glad we did not have to make a decision in a lot of ways.

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