A Recent Evening

A clear evening and some bird sounds. That’s all, but it seemed like enough.


Not night
not day
In between
just before
One bird speaks
one terse sentence
no more.
Scattered sound staccatos
a bright diagonal streak
across my open window
then gone
Not day
Quite night
just that quick


4 thoughts on “A Recent Evening

  1. This is lovely. Really well done. I love the sound and images you create. This line does it for me: ‘Scattered sound staccatos’ as well as: ‘bright diagonal streak’ Your poem captures the fragility of life and how moments are fleeting. Life goes on, time passes and moments of inspiration and joy streak across window then are quickly gone. Wow! You’ve really got me thinking.

    Though the poem is sparse and short it contains depth and emotion. I see you write a lot of short poetry. I’m also inclined to write shorter pieces as I feel I can focus on an idea or a feeling a little more. Cheers! You’ve inspired me.

  2. At this time of year the evenings are very still and often clear – not humid and hazy as later in the summer, and also lacking the sounds of insects, etc. So this little incident was sharp and clear to me where it might have been dulled or lost at another time. Thanks for what you said about the poem. I appreciate it.

    I do like shorter works. Seems to me that things occur in small fragments that I guess if you take them together they make up a narrative, but I don’t see things that way, just take them one thing at a time. I like just a little picture to think about.

  3. My thoughts are similar to yours, at least I think. I love capturing a moment or an image in time. A small fragment as you say sometimes is a lot more interesting to me than an entire narrative.

    I’ve added a link to your site on my blog if you don’t mind. I’ve enjoyed your poetry so I’d like to share it.

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