Looking Out the Window



I looked out my studio window last week and saw a little bird moving along the trunk of a near-by tree.


Employment and Compensation

I watch you work,


You dart up and down the tree trunk


left, then right,

pivot, stop. Examine.

Close the deal.

Dart forward again.

Black and gray, that’s what you’re wearing

like a salaried office worker in the city

I’d say,

but not. Not unless that worker

were very keen on the work

to be done

or as focused on survival

as you are

small and relentless



black and gray bird

working on commission

payment only if you succeed

And if that worker

could do the job

at high speed

and perpendicular to the ground



Clay Tile Bird hopping along 2012

Clay Tile
Bird hopping along


3 thoughts on “Looking Out the Window

  1. I love this tile! And the poem! It is both humorous and a wonderful homage to the extraordinary nature of birds. I also like how it is lightly mocking toward office workers…

  2. Thank you! We have a large back yard adjoining a creek and some woods, and we have all kinds of animals and birds. I have a big window in my studio and I see the birds in particular very close up (including watching a hawk stand on our picnic table and calmly, taking his time, eat a squirrel…). I really enjoy watching them. I get a lot of ideas from them, as you can see!

  3. Yes, I find birds to be an endless source of inspiration, too. It sounds like you live in a wonderful environment for fostering creativity! I look forward to reading and seeing more of your work.

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