Voices of Authority?

 It seems to me that more and more, people want to define things. Everything. Maybe even things that should just be left alone, uncounted, unnoticed. It’s hard to resist this tendency but it can be very necessary.

And I’m Angry About It, Too

we get everything measured

by making rules:

efficiency ruined this world

without being warned every minute

people are half-asleep.

No doubt contented

can’t be done

not a bit of use

No matter what




is worrying you

no one can quarrel with the rule

"And I'm Angry About It, Too" on its page in my collage book

“And I’m Angry About It, Too” on its page in my collage book


5 thoughts on “Voices of Authority?

  1. Right on mate! What ever happened to natural, organic development and leaving things be? What’s with all the pie charts and the micro-management?Great poem. Very Lao Tzu is you know what I mean? Take it easy…

  2. I left a corporate job 20 years ago and when I think about it, I still get kind of twitchy, although there were many parts of it I liked…Thanks for your comments and liking this poem, I appreciate it.

  3. Dear Claudia,

    I have a question which if frivolous in light of this very beautiful post! Sorry, but like a little kid I am asking you first – and it is silly – very sorry! You have such a great eye so I want you opinion. . . WordPress is not happy with bloggers who have no gravatar – they really hate it – so I now have a gravatar and I want your opinion on how it looks – sort of of a big entity manipulation of a little elephant!

  4. I like it. What a charming little portrait. There is something about the diagonal line created by the mouse’s body that I like, and the clothing (especially the hat). Colors work well too. It also is a simple enough image to show up in the small space, too, I think.

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