A Bumpy Path to Literary Fame

Here is a collage poem. I like to read and to write, but I’m not a club joiner, and maybe it is a good thing.

One of Those Sins


if you have written a book,

You suppose a literary club

nicely organized and cooperative

would certainly never have asked

how much difference

printed words on the page


This is against the rules.

I’ll send you a list

Nevertheless, jealousy

so natural and fresh

You might argue that it is

real enough.


"One of Those Sins" on its page in my collage book

“One of Those Sins” on its page in my collage book


2 thoughts on “A Bumpy Path to Literary Fame

  1. Thank you, what nice things you have said and I appreciate it. I think this whole collage poetry thing, the words, the book, the paints, collage, the whole thing, is just one big serendipity. Seems to me that my role is to recognize when things are good and stop right there! I too love the colors on this page – I like the vividness they have together. Thank you again.

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