More Than One Cook in the Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite room in our house. It’s comfortable, I enjoy cooking, and I manage my daily life from here. I can see the whole back yard from its windows. It’s not a big room but it’s got everything a room needs to have to feel like home. And, it’s often been the scene of some drama, although I don’t throw plates anymore. Here is a poem I wrote about something I’ve done about a million times over the last 25+ years, fixing dinner, but there’s more to it when you have more than one cook in the kitchen.

How Can Dinner Be Ready When It’s Still on the Stove?

You’re talking, and I’m hearing you

and you’re boiling everything down to fit into your stew pot

Straining out the big chunks and fishing out the slippery bits

of what’s my recipe,

my method of getting it done

you’re saying it looks done

and I’m a little annoyed but

you’re young and you think you know

what tastes good and what doesn’t

what people want to eat and what they want to spit out.

Meanwhile I just keep stirring.

"Now That the Kitchen's Been Redone" Mail Art 2012

“Now That the Kitchen’s Been Redone”
Mail Art 2012


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