When I First Got the Idea

Here’s the first collage poem I did. I don’t have an image for it, because I pasted it on to a mail art postcard and sent it out. I didn’t know I was going to like making this kind of poetry so much, so I didn’t bother documenting it. Anyway, here’s all there was to it – I had cut out pages and pages from a discarded library book, on the way to making a little book-box kind of thing with a scene in it – a kind of assemblage. I had the pile of superfluous pages in front of me and was idly pushing them around on the table, when the first sentence of the poem caught my eye. The rest just kind of fell into place – seemed natural to take other phrases and rearrange them into a new composition. Why, I don’t know, but it did.

I love the unexpectedness of the results when I make these poems.

Red Haze

Very well, fetch the pistols. I’m going

to coquette and domineer;

on Friday morning I’m going away

Perfectly happy

other pains and worries

removed somewhere beyond



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