Throwback to Winter

Spring comes in fits and starts, and though it seems late for sleet, we had some last night. Sitting in a comfortable chair next to the window, I could hear it gently striking the glass. I was glad to be inside and warm.


Ice pellets tapping

behind the blank dark window

but the lamp glows on


"Three Years Ago in January"collage

“Three Years Ago in January”


4 thoughts on “Throwback to Winter

  1. Do you mean like the ones at the Quadrant (I saw your Lafayette email…)? if so, I can make cards like that with this image. And thank you for your nice compliments. I made this piece some years ago of a creek near my house.

  2. This collage shows yet again how exciting and evocative are your “representational” scene collages are! Fabulous!

  3. Thank you! I did the same scene in a fall look, I think- I’ll have to look it up. The site is not the same now- some of the trees have been cut down and undergrowth cleared.

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