Don’t Be In Such a Hurry

Seems to me that everything has to be considered from a number of viewpoints before a real assessment can be made, one that will stick. This thought occurred to me a few weeks ago as I looked around the neighborhood and thought about the surroundings – some people might see it as just another street with houses, like millions and millions of others. But there are a lot of layers of detail to look at and think about here if you take the time.


What’s a pretty sight

what’s not

A wrecked car parked in front of your house

not your car, count your blessings

pity the neighbors

and hope it’s towed away soon

A plastic children’s play set

glimpsed through your neighbor’s leafless hedge

lawn chairs stowed inside

Birds flocking around your bird feeder

bird seed litter all over the ground

A cat with one eye

who chews up the newspapers

you leave on the floor

and tries to run out the garage door

every time you open it

A cat with two eyes

who just sits

and wouldn’t consider going outside

The compost pile

the garbage can

A plastic bag snagged on a tree branch

too high for you to reach

in your front yard by the driveway

Unraked leaves blowing all over

your back-to-nature back yard

Hawk eating a squirrel


on your picnic table

Chicken wire fence around the garden

What’s a pretty sight

What’s not

You need to

give more thought to it

than I think you are

"Big Orange Tree"Acrylics on masonite

“Big Orange Tree”
Acrylics on masonite



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