Morning Rain and Going to Work

We are being visited by what promises to be a day-long downpour. It’s certainly a gray, chilly, very wet morning. I think of the commuters going to the city on the train, working their way through this weather. This haiku is a little picture of something that I only notice on a day like this, as I walk up to the platform at our local station.


Buzzing power lines
Cut the chill drizzle, sending
The train on its way.



“Sleepwalkers”, mixed media on paper.
I made this piece about 6-7 years ago, and it depicts a train overpass near my house.


5 thoughts on “Morning Rain and Going to Work

  1. Thank you, sometimes I am surprised to see older work and say to myself – that one isn’t so bad! I was thinking of Jenkintown station for the haiku, and the collage is a combination of the overpass on Keswick Avenue and the overpass on Easton Road – because of the steps coming down to the street.

  2. I love the combination of colours in Sleepwalkers. Really exciting on the eye!
    As for solid rain, if it can inspire you to write such a lovely haiku, then it can’t be such a bad thing. Nice work πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you, what a nice thing to say, and thank you for your attention to my work! The rain has stopped now, and the sky is all washed clean for tomorrow. I like pretty much any kind of weather, and there is always something that occurs only when that particular weather does. Tonight when I went to the train station, the lines were silent – without the rain they just do their job of getting the train moving and you don’t notice them – you only see them, not hear them. So impressive as they are, those big cables draping along the giant towers, it’s not the same without the rain.

    You can see I do like trains and train stations, sorry to run on! thank you again.

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