Thinking, Knitting, Yarn, No Conclusions

I knit a lot. Yarn can get snarled and twisted. I straighten it out. Or if it’s too badly knotted I get out the scissors and cut it. Then I keep knitting. Unless I don’t – there have been times that I have decided the future result isn’t worth the present aggravation the yarn is giving me and I just throw it all out. Over the years, I have come to the feeling that it’s really up to the yarn as to how things go with a project.

People like to compare yarn and knitting with the thinking process. Maybe it’s the idea of a strand of thought growing into a coherent conclusion, a whole cloth? I think thoughts are more unruly than the most twisty yarn, but they do have their own life, it seems.

So, here are two haikus about thinking and one about knitting.


when I get some time

to untangle all those thoughts

I might not do it


it might be better

to let those thoughts untangle

on their own, themselves


I will continue

To knit this garment all night

If the yarn insists.


Five Seven Five Pages 25 and 26 2012 small

This is a page spread from an art book I did called “Five Seven Five”. I gave it this title because all the text is in the haiku form.



2 thoughts on “Thinking, Knitting, Yarn, No Conclusions

  1. Thank you. I am not sure you have seen this book. It’s fairly new. I wish I had taken a better quality picture, but I do like the image, too, and the haiku tells just how I feel about knitting, I think you would agree?

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