State of Affairs

Here is the last of the recent set of collage poems I did. This poem grew in the order it is written – I found the phrase used in the first line and all the other words were nearby on my work surface. I slid them into place and did not rearrange them. That’s unusual. Generally I have several poems set out at once, plus promising sections of lines or words, and I move them all around, mix, match, discarding, as new ideas are formed. But not this one.

It seems to me that no matter what event or happening, time smooths everything over and blunts its impact. But what this thinking omits to say is that there are steps in this process, and I think that there are also people who are caught at an individual step, move at a different rate than others, or who choose or are forced to stay in one step or another.


Eroded and Erased

a terrible betrayal








Page in my collage book with "Eroded and Erased"

Page in my collage book with “Eroded and Erased”




4 thoughts on “State of Affairs

  1. It’s the clarified part that is often the one hardest to get through, but also the most important one to get through in order to learn from the experience. Thanks for the thoughtful poem.

  2. Thank you for your consideration of what I have written. I really appreciate it that you took time to give it thought.

    I am also struck by the excused part – it seems hard and sad to me that it is often so easy to rationalize almost anything.

    I am also interested in thinking about this from different viewpoints – if the speaker is the betrayer, the betrayed, or onlookers.

  3. I think the betrayer, if he or she can even see themselves as such, is more likely to do the rationalizing, and often unfortunately by projecting onto the one betrayed. A fascinating thing to study, and an all too often painful process to go through.

  4. And you know, writing about this subject has also made me think about its opposite, faithfulness and loyalty – and how we take that state of affairs for granted. And what words would have caught my attention to write about if that had been the subject, and then comparing them to the ones here.

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