Not the Usual Work Day

This is a collage poem, part of a recent group I wrote. This one built itself from the phrase “lunch hour”. That’s something I like about doing poems from phrases and sentences and words from other sources – I limit the pages I choose from and I cut out what appeals to me, no idea of how or where it could fit. Ideas assemble around them, given the materials I am working with. I search within the items I have selected; once in a while I’ll add from outside the group, but not too often – to me, part of the process is working with what I’ve got in front of me.

I have likened it to my collage art work – I use what’s there and don’t look for more. Paring down the universe of choices makes for some interesting thoughts and decisions, and I go in directions I would not have anticipated when I started.

Then when I think the pages are all used up, I paste the remnants into art collage work and get a few more fresh pages ready for the next round.

There is no end to the pleasure in working this way, I think.


I’ll Just Be Skipping Along

news has just come

But I was careful

anything goes wrong

I advise you not to talk

and you will find that

I will take

my lunch hour



page from my collage poetry book with "I'll Just Be Skipping Along"

page from my collage poetry book with “I’ll Just Be Skipping Along”


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